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Boasts Unique Intelligent Features

  • Records and Replays the exact actions taken of (ALL) visitors to the site.
  • Quickly Identify & Optimize the currently connected users.
  • Instantly navigate the exact sequence of any visit on complete auto-pilot!
  • Recreate the exact screen resolutions of your visitors for optimizing accordingly.
  • Easily customize your options... Save and/or Delete (aged) visits as per request.
  • Pinpoints and Stores Vital Marketing Data : Date, Duration, User, Origin Country, IP and Browser Specs

Easily Patrol Your Keyword Movements With WP-007's (Built-in) Intelligent Keyword Analysis Module...

WP-007 grinds away tireless in the background,  silently tracking your Google SERP rankings & reports the vital data in an (easy-to-read & decipher) graph for you 'ON COMPLETE AUTO PILOT!'

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Add any keyword you choose to this intelligent spy tool and let WP-007 track your site's rank changes.

Actively View a historical graph of your rankings and compare it with the ranking of your competitors.

Watch in real time, how your traffic fluctuates based on your optimization changes you make accordingly.


View a list of keywords that are currently driving traffic to your website and add them to your targets.

Get instant email notifications when any one of your rankings change positions.

Download a full CSV file containing all of your ranking data.







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Real Time Intelligence Data Gathering

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Many times when creating our money pages, we tend to use the elements "WE" like and sound good to ourselves... right?

Well often times, what we may consider the (BEST) may not be what our customers are feeling about it... It very well may be to them, what you have is the WORST...


"With WP-007 You will Know Exactly

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Realizing the exact moment your possible customers are leaving will allow you to FIX this leak...
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IT is fact... these days it doesn't take much to lose your visitors.. Something as simple as a misspelled text entry, or a misleading link, or even display problems can drive your visitors away FOREVER...

Picture your money pages as a HOT AIR BALLOON... that has developed leaks.. In order to get that balloon to take flight and soar, we must fix these holes.. These (holes) are the points on your site where people are exiting.. If you cant see where these leaks are occurring you cannot correct them... right?


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